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 About The Five Families Game

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PostSubject: About The Five Families Game   Thu Jul 12, 2012 11:29 am

The Godfather Five Families is a browser-based Mafia style MMORPG. Following in the footsteps of popular games such as Mafia Wars and other titles in the same Genre, The Godfather Five Families is the first to be based on the infamous Godfather franchise.

When you begin the game you get to select your character, unlike other browser titles, you get to choose between male and female. Once you've chosen your character and completed the very brief tutorial, you must pledge your allegiance to one of the Five Families that operate within the city. These Five Families are the infamous Barzini, Corleone, Stracci, Cuneo, and Tattaglia Families. Each family operates in a different way, some preferring the old-fashioned style of drugs, guns and money laundering, while others have moved into more lucrative business such as prostitution, media and extortion. Depending on which family you choose, you gain access to different missions, benefits and rewards.

The Godfather Five Families features a tiered management system, you have both your Estate and your part of the city to populate with buildings. Your estate features things like your Warehouse, Library, Mansion and Workshop, basically where you store and build all the illegal stuff. Your city area is the front of your Mafia, this is where you build your Restaurants, Apartment Buildings, Hideouts and resource gathering units.

The game features a very user-friendly questing experience, although you don't have access to every available quest right at the start, any you complete that you don't have access to will automatically complete once you unlock them. This adds a nice surprise element as you level and unlock more quests, getting a large amount of rewards as soon as you level up.

Five Families is available free to play without any downloads, as is becoming the norm for RTS games now, it does offer an item mall for in-game transactions.

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About The Five Families Game
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