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 Experience Points

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PostSubject: Experience Points   Thu Jul 12, 2012 8:26 am

What exactly is XP ?

Basically you gain experience points (XP) every time you upgrade a building or train troops. You use XP to increase your level. Since a patch was implemented into the game where you could no longer lose respect points for units lost in battle, you wouldn't exactly tell whether or not someone has experienced a huge loss in troops. However, XP was not affected by the patch, therefore units loss would contribute to a loss in XP. Some players tend to use XP as a means of tracking their enemies; a huge jump in XP can mean either they've been pretty busy with construction, or they've just recently trained a huge batch of troops, whereas a huge drop would mean a loss.

That's basically it, at least to my knowledge. Other than increasing your level (which seems pretty useless after you've unlocked all the rackets in the three nieghborhoods), there's nothing much else. king
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Experience Points
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