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 Health and Attack Boosts

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PostSubject: Health and Attack Boosts   Thu Jul 19, 2012 8:22 am

For those who aren’t believers in the health or attack boosts, the boosts can be the difference between winning or losing.

For Example, let’s suppose I was attacked by someone who sent 5000 takers and 5000 smugs to my hood.
Further, let’s say I had an average count of 2k smugs and 2k takers, along with 14k Sins and 1k butchers. The results with or without the boosts might surprise you.

The Results:
With the boosts I would clearly kill them and still have all of my takers left and I would receive 320k respect for that kill.

Without the boosts, my enemy would not only win, but that person would retain 3858 of their takers after killing me and I would only get 196k for dying

Note: these statistics are based on health and attack research levels being equal. Thus, if you want more precise results customized to your account, please visit the following website as it has most accurate battle statistic calculator.
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Health and Attack Boosts
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