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 The Truth about the Bonds Drop Rate

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PostSubject: The Truth about the Bonds Drop Rate   Mon Jul 16, 2012 3:47 am

The Truth about the Bond Drop Rate

After hearing several players complain about the drop rate decreasing payout as players increased the level of their vaults, I decided to test Kabam’s drop rate on both lvl 9 vault vs. lvl 2 vault on a main account and on an alt account. Here are the statistics from both. Both accounts sent a total of 60 attacks to level 6 gangs that had not been previously attacked; here are the results:

Level 9 vault produced- 7 bearer bonds, 6 bronze armory items, 1 gold armory items.

Level 2 vault produced- 20 gv bonds, 19 brooklyn bonds, 4 bronze armory and 2 silver armory items.

Results: Level 9 Vault delivered 11% drop rate; level 2 Vault delivered 65% drop rate.

Thus, if you decide to make an alternate account or start over on another server, it would be in your best interest to not take your vault above level 2 until you have gained all of the bonds needed for all of your neighborhoods. Please feel free to test this and post the results. Note: The Park Avenue Bonds have yet to be released to gangs when this experiment was done, but notice that NO bearer bonds were collected on the level 2 vault. king

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The Truth about the Bonds Drop Rate
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