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 Lucky Chance

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PostSubject: Lucky Chance    Thu Jul 12, 2012 5:18 am

Helpful hints for getting the most of your Lucky Chance cards:

Items with the lowest diamond value have the highest winning percentages (regardless which set of cards you choose from)

For example; If you choose from a set of cards that contain a 1 minute speed up, your chances of getting the 1 minute speed up is 67%. If you choose from a set of cards that contains all 8 items valued between 7 diamonds (wrecking ball) to 15 diamonds or higher (2 1/2 hour speed up), your chances of getting the speed up is 9%.

Thus, you want to open and close the Lucky Chance cards until all 8 items are valued over 15 diamonds. Or, if you want a particular item, simply make sure that the item you want is the lowest valued item within the cards.

Godfather Five Families Lucky Chance is auto set to deliver the least valued item 67% of each draw. However, some of us have had success using the following script. It is not consistent, but does work often:

Happy Hunting king
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Lucky Chance
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